Główna E The Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska

The Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska

Join us on a journey around Wielkopolska region and experience an unforgettable adventure!

The Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska is the longest marked water tourism trail in Poland. It is 688 km long and covers the Warta and Noteć rivers, a couple of lakes and two navigable channels. All making up one single trail, or a loop going around the whole region.

The Loop is perfect for both kayaks and motorboats. Numerous marinas allow you to easily adjust the distance covered and the time needed. It doesn’t matter if you want to spend here two weeks or just one day – the fun will be just as great. What awaits you is a wonderful outdoor adventure, contact with nature and unforgettable emotions.

The Great Waterway Loop also connects Poland with Europe’s top waterways, enabling unhindered navigation also beyond the Warta and Noteć rivers. The Great Waterway Loop is a part of the E70 International Waterway, leading from Antwerp in Belgium to Klaipeda in Lithuania. You can navigate the Vistula to Gdańsk or Warsaw, and through the the Oder-Hawel Canal you can get to Berlin, Dresden or Hamburg. There are no limits.

Navigate and discover!

The Great Loop of Wielkopolska is not only a great adventure, but also a fine idea to discover Greater Poland (or Wielkopolska in Polish. Along the trail lay historic towns, picturesque palaces and medieval monasteries. So, wharf for a day or two and make a hiking or bicycle trip to experience even more. Explore the incredibly beautiful Old Town in Poznań and taste the famous St. Martin’s Croissant or the unique craft beer form Czarnków, try wakboarding in Sieraków and see the 900-years-old monastery in Ląd.

Nature lovers should not complain either. The trail runs through six landscape parks and along the edge of the Wielkopolski National Park. The Nadwarciański Landscape Park and the Noteć River valley are perfect places for birdwatching. Also, be sure to stopover in Rogalin and see the ancient oaks that witnessed the rule of the first kings of Poland.

Adventure for everyone

The Great Loop of Wielkopolska offers adventure and experience, but also comfort and convenience. Forget about camping in the reeds, like in old sailors’ tales. There are almost 60 marinas waiting for boaters. Many of them offer not only comfortable jetties and slips, but also showers and toilets, electricity and water on the quay, and even a tavern or a restaurant with regional cuisine.

The best part is that you don’t need your own equipment. It is trouble-free to charter a motor boat, a house boat or to rent kayaks. Would you like not to care  about anything? No problem, you can easily find ready-to-go kayaking trips, which include gear rental, transport, accommodation and even an evening campfire.

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